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Glossary of Terms

Facial Protection Policy - Players wearing full facial protection or half shield (visor) with an internal or external mouth guard will be allowed to submit a medical and/or dental claim for a facial injury. Member players not wearing facial protection equipment will not be insured for a facial or dental injury.

Dental Claims - Accidental dental injury expenses shall only apply to whole, sound, natural teeth.

MRIs - The insurance program does not cover MRIs.

Loss of Earnings - The insurance program does not include Loss of Earnings coverage.

Outside of Canada Coverage - Members traveling out of country to play hockey in CARHA Hockey sanctioned events are covered for all on-ice activity. Members are strongly advised to obtain Travel Insurance to ensure full protection in the event of illness or accidental injury. With respect to the General Liability coverage, there is worldwide coverage but any lawsuit must be brought in Canada to be defended by the Insurer. Please note that the accident coverage is included for hockey injury related claims while in the U.S.

Spare Players - Spare players are permitted to play five (5) games before they will be required to submit the full membership fee.

Important Notice - CARHA Hockey and its insurers do not support the use of alcohol and/or drugs while participating in the game of hockey. Should activity present itself, the insurance coverage provided by our organization could be jeopardized.

Pregnancy - CARHA Hockey welcomes the participation of pregnant women who wish to play adult recreational hockey. For safety purposes, we recommend that you consult your physician prior to playing hockey. Please note that coverage does not apply to injuries sustained that affect the term of pregnancy.

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