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CARHA Hockey



What is CARHA Hockey?

Since 1975, CARHA Hockey has been committed to developing and providing a wide range of innovative hockey benefits and valuable solutions of the highest standards that respond to the various needs of adult recreational hockey organizers. In an effort to build long-term relationships with our members, we strive to provide dedicated hockey programs and flexible services for league organizers/convenors and players alike.

How much does membership cost?

The CARHA Hockey insurance (in association with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd. and C&C Insurance Consultants) package is $23 per player:

  • $10 million in liability in protection to each player
  • CARHA Hockey welcome gift for each player
  • Additional league executive liability in the amount of $10 million is offered at no extra cost to all registered leagues
  • Certificate of Insurance and additional insured (in association with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd. and C&C Insurance Consultants)
  • Privacy cards for every player


How many games can a spare play?

Spares must be registered with CARHA Hockey and are only permitted to play five (5) games or less before they are required to submit membership fees.

How many spares can we have on our team?

Although membership fees do not apply to spare players, coverage is extended to these players under the team or league's umbrella. Each team is permitted to carry one (1) spare for every five (5) "paid" players.

Confirmation Reports

What is a confirmation report?

A confirmation report is your official CARHA Hockey receipt and roster. This report will tell you exactly who is registered to your team, if they are a spare, recurring or regular player, and it will give you an account summary of the membership fees received.

What is a "recur" player?

A "recur" player is one who plays for more than one (1) CARHA Hockey registered team. CARHA Hockey only requires players who play on multiple teams to pay membership once. For each consecutive team that they are added to, they will be marked as a "recur" player and those teams will not be charged for their membership. It is up to the Team Reps to ensure that their "recur" players are in fact officially registered to their original teams before submitting the roster. If not, that team will be responsible for the player's membership fees.

How do I verify if this player is registered to another team or not?

We make it easy for you! If you are not sure if a player is registered to an existing team, please contact our office and we will verify they player's status for you.

What is an illegal line-up?

An illegal-line-up means you have surpassed the permitted number of spares you can carry on a team. If a team has exceeded the permitted one (1) spare for every five (5) "paid" players ratio, then their roster will appear as an "illegal line-up". Should you have too many spares on your roster, please contact our office in order to make the appropriate adjustments.

Can I make changes to my roster?

Player changes to your roster can be made on-line, via email, or over the phone.


What constitutes a legal helmet?

All players MUST be wearing a CSA approved helmet with the chinstrap properly fastened while on the ice.

Can you help us find referees for our tournament/league?

Yes, CARHA Hockey offers an online National Referee Registry search tool (see Quick Finder to the top/right) where officials promote their skills and services for tournaments and leagues to contact them to officiate.

Where can I find the CARHA Hockey rulebook?

Rulebooks are available upon request to all member teams free of charge (one (1) per team).


How do I register my team, league or referee with CARHA Hockey?

Team, league, and referee registrations can be submitted online, by fax, email, or by mail to CARHA Hockey. Simply send us your complete rosters and contact details along with your membership fees and we take care of the rest! To find out more about how to register for CARHA Hockey's team/referee/league memberships, contact our office to discuss the many time saving registration options available.

Online Registration

Can I pay online or do I have to send a cheque?

Membership fees can be submitted via cheque, money order or credit card. You can mail cheques or money orders to: CARHA Hockey, 1420 Blair Rd, Suite 610. Ottawa, ON, K1J 9L8. Credit card information can be submitted via our online registration system or over the phone.

How will I know when CARHA Hockey is done updating my league file?

Once you have completed and submitted your team or leagues online registration, please allow up to 48 hours to have the information inputted and processed.

How do I register new players?

  • Online - This season, player changes can be submitted through the online registration method. Please contact our office in order to make arrangements to receive your username and password.
  • Phone -  Changes can also be done over the phone. Simply contact our office with the players' name, address, phone number, date of birth along with a valid credit card number and we will update your roster accordingly.
  • Email/Fax - Player additions can also be made in writing via fax or email. Just be sure you have indicated your payment method before submitting your additions.

Insurance (in association with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers and C&C Insurance Consultants)

I've been injured while playing hockey - what do I do?

If you have been injured, you will need to complete and submit the following Sport Accident Claim Form with in 90 days of the accident. Please click on the following link to see further instructions and steps for submitting your Sport Accident Claim form.

I've been injured while playing hockey - what am I covered for?

Should you have specific questions as to your treatment coverage please contact our office to discuss the details.

I already have primary coverage through my employer or spouse; can I still be reimbursed through CARHA Hockey?

If you currently have primary coverage with your employer, your spouse's employer or another insurance company, all receipts must be sent there first and then subsequently to CARHA Hockey.


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