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Program Elements

For every Fit for Hockey Program CARHA Hockey operates, we break it down into two sections:

Off Ice Portion

Wellness Fair 

The Wellness Fair is new to the Program and is open to the public. The goal is to give information out to anyone in attendance through the use of guest speakers, and booths where local companies can set up and demonstrate what they are doing to make hockey a safer sport.

The fair normally runs for approximately three (3) hours, and includes demonstrations at booths by participating companies and organizations, a keynote speaker discussing the importance of health in hockey, a panel of speakers discussing the same topic and answering questions, and plenty of handouts and prizes. The goal is to get as much information out as possible in a fun and interactive way. This may include proper stretching, proper nutrition, how to use an AED, new equipment safety, health assessment tests etc....

On-Ice Portion

The on ice portion is where you can see how your body is actually going to react in certain situations on the ice dependent on the exertion level.. Depending on the municipality, the cost will vary, as well as what is included. 

Off-Ice Portion

The Off-Ice component of these sessions includes CPR and Defib training along with an introduction to resource materials for your future reference such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Team Emergency Action Plan
  • Review of Heart Insitutite study data
  • Much more...

Team Emergency Action Plan

It is always goo to be prepared, and what better way than by filling out our simple Team Emergency Action Plan. You can download the document here (PDF).

Interested teams or leagues can contact Karen Hodgson at

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