2016 was the 42nd year that CARHA Hockey (originally COHA) was in operation and it was another successful year for the company. With continued excellence in our tournaments and leagues, we were happy to provide all of our members with a service we are proud of.

CARHA Hockey already has major plans for 2017 that give this year the opportunity to make it our best year yet. With the announcement of the host city for the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup on the way in a few months, plenty of contests and exciting promotions, more tournaments, and a super secret announcement coming in just a few weeks, this new year is starting off with a sense of resurgence and optimism. 

Hopefully you are starting your year in a similar fashion; a lot of people found disappointment in many areas of 2016 but this is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. This is the year of compassion, empathy, and energy. Allow yourself to move forward with a free mind and make 2017 your year.

Happy New Year and all the best to you for the next 362 days.