PUCKFIT is an online, at-home fitness program that was designed to improve the health and fitness of our members.

CARHA Hockey is encouraging our members to kickstart their training with the PUCKFIT program to better live a healthy lifestyle.

We have had some terrific feedback so far as you continue to work your way through the workouts. Check out some of the responses we've received:

Mike McCabe - "One of my favourite exercises is the jump squat stick landing from the white program, workout 1A!"

Geoff Reid - "Thanks for doing these, it's nice to have hockey specific exercises to add to my existing workouts. My favorite workout is 1B, single leg balance instability. It really works those smaller muscles in the foot and ankle that are so important for balance."

Scott Gibson - "My favourite workout is the pushup hold!"

Blair Albrecht - "Just starting to rehab after multiple surgeries, hoping this will help me get back into the game. Started on circuit 1A and 1B so that is my favourite for now!"

Sasha MacMillan - "Blue 4A! Done on the campground!"

Darren Kwasnycia  - "I want to thank you again for this timely program.  As soon as I saw it I was interested in giving it a try. The summer beer season had its effects and I need to be down to fighting weight for this seasons goaltending duties."

Thanks to everyone who has checked out the program so far; keep doing so and be sure to send us pictures because we love to use them as motivation!