In recent years, the newest generation of beer league hockey players seem to have developed their own book of hockey slang and a corresponding lifestyle built around this lingo.

Surely you've found yourself in the dressing room with the type and have struggled to understand half of the words that come out of their mouth. We're here to help so you can take part in the next conversation at the rink!

Celly - this term is used a short version of "celebration", refers to the actions you perform after a goal. Pull out something the team has never seen before and you might get back to the bench to be greeted by a, "beauty celly, bud".

Duster - refers to a player who spends most of the time during a game on the bench collecting dust. These players may also be referred to as the "grocery stick", as they are in the middle of the bench separating the offense and defense.

Sauce - referring to a saucer pass, anyone on the team that can throw up sauce can really make a game-changing play, passing over a sprawled out defender on a 2-on-1 for a one-timer.

Dangle - the new generation's term for "deke". A player who regularly displays these moves can be called a "dangler", or is said to have "filthy dangles".

Biscuit - this is a new term for the puck.

Tendy - this term is used as a short version of "goaltender", taking the suffix of the word and adding a "y" on the end.

Pylon - a pylon is a player that is regularly skated around with ease by the opposing team, or made to look as if they're standing still on the ice with their slow skating, resembling a pylon.

Peeper - referring to a powerplay, this term came from the abbreviated version "PP". In a crucial situation of a game, your team heading to the peeper can bury the opponent late or help you tie the game when it matters most.

Wheelhouse - often used in combination with peeper, the wheelhouse is the sweet spot where you're connecting on a one-timer. If you're setting up along the boards Alex Ovechkin style, you hope that your teammate puts the puck in your wheelhouse so you don't even have to move before ripping a clapper.

Clapper - clapper refers to a slapshot, is also commonly referred to as a "clap-bomb". Hopefully your teammate knows what you're asking for when you say, "put the biscuit in my wheelhouse on the peeper, bud".

Chirp - this is another term for trash talk, and having people on your team with good chirps can really help your team gain an edge over the competition.

Bucket - another term for a helmet, be careful to not lose your bucket out there or you might just be leaving the rink without some chicklets.

Chicklet - teeth.

Hopefully this helps so the next time you're at the rink, you don't feel like the old man in the room when the young lads start chatting!