We caught up with Lindsay the Intern amidst her season at Syracuse University to inquire about her goals, dreams, and plans in hockey. Here is what she had to say!

"Growing up, my goal has always been to play on the Team Canada Women’s Olympic team. Going through high school I had smaller goals, which included, playing in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League, once I conquered that goal my goal turned into get a hockey scholarship to a division I University. In grade 11 I verbally committed to Syracuse University and so that goal was taken care of. My next goal was to make the Women’s U18 Canadian National Team. By my grade 12 year I had fulfilled that goal.

Now that I am in University playing hockey, that initial goal of playing for the Olympic Team still resides in the back of my mind. It has always been a dream of my mine and always will be. So the next step for me towards that goal is to get invited to Canadian Women’s Development Program. This consists of players who are generally in University with a few exceptions of older players. I can’t say I have felt a better feeling than wearing the Maple Leaf representing Canada. So needless to say to get another chance to dawn the Maple Leaf is something I am really working towards.

There are professional leagues that would be exceptionally cool to play in and I am definitely considering that option once I graduate University. However, at the end of the day I won’t be able to get rich playing hockey, at least not yet, so my education is my main priority. As I am half way through my collegiate education I am unsure what my future will hold, however, I do know that I want hockey and sports to be a part of it in one way or another. Whether it be that I play professionally, in the Olympics, even recreationally, coaching, or broadcasting - my goal is to always have hockey as a constant in my life."