North and South Korea have been at the forefront of the hockey world lately, with the countries announcing a joint women's hockey team to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

This decision is helping to bridge the long-standing political barrier between the two countries, and women's hockey is a convenient and excellent vehicle through which these countries can unite.

The Pyongyang Ice Hockey League (PIHL) firmly belives that the sport is perfect for promoting goodwill and friendship among cultures and among countries.

This league exists to make the game of hockey more accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of background or experience level. 

Puck drops in March of 2018, and presents a unique opportunity for hockey enthusiasts and adventurers to obtain an extremely rare and life-changing experience. 

From the league's websitre - "Hosted by the DPRK national ice hockey team, this event is your chance to travel to the world’s most secretive country for a sports event you couldn’t possibly forget. You will play both alongside and against the North Korean national team in the afternoon, and explore Pyongyang during the day. In addition to the participant-favorite day trip to the DMZ, this year’s event will see players travel to the east coast of North Korea and to Mount Kumgang, one of the highest mountains in the country. Spectators will have the option of checking out the action in the arena or joining their tour guides for some more exploring."

Go beyond your comfort zone and experience something completely new and exciting this March.