People often question why they would need CARHA Hockey coverage because they already have partial coverage from elsewhere - but imagine this scenario.

There is a freak accident on the ice that leads to a situation where you need dental surgery with a cost of $2,000. You are receiving 80% coverage from elsewhere which sounds great in principle, but leaves you with a $400 medical bill to cover out of your pocket.

With CARHA Hockey's coverage costing just $23/player per season, you would have the peace of mind that providing you were wearing the minimum facial protection, this out of pocket expense would be taken care of.

By registering as a CARHA Hockey member, you are provided with on-ice sport accident coverage, liability coverage, and player-on-player coverage, as well as a wide range of benefits (such as league websites, scheduling services, game sheets, welcome gifts, tournament playing opportunities) so the only thing you have to worry about is playing the game!

Hockey is a sport that we are passionate about, and providing the coverage that we do allows us to contribute to the sport’s growth, enjoyment, and safety. Before your season starts, make sure that you’re informed on what your options are and how we can help your group.

Wear the proper equipment, play smart and safe, and ensure you are covered by CARHA Hockey.

Contact us for more information on team or league coverage.