Learning how to skate is all part of the process of learning how to play hockey.

Michelle King-Brennan was told she would be a great hockey player and was influenced to begin playing hockey. Michelle hesitated at first because, “[She] hadn’t really skated in years, except to teach [her] boys”. Little did Michelle know, there are leagues that accommodate all skill levels.

It was Ivy Martin who kept encouraging and eventually convinced Michelle to play. Michelle emphasized how much Ivy has done for their league - organizing, keeping it fun, and ensuring that it remains a place for players of all skill.

Growing up, Michelle had always admired her mother’s athleticism, watching her play baseball and volleyball. Michelle followed her footsteps later on but had yet to tackle the sport of hockey. She turned to her mother for her opinion as it meant the most to her. Her mother at the time was in the middle of battling cancer, however, she was adamant that she join. Just like that, Michelle was signed up to play in a beginner's league despite not having equipment. Reaching out to the league coordinator about her conundrum, it took no longer than three days before she had someone selling her a bag full of gear to get her all sorted out.

Unfortunately, Michelle lost her mother to cancer shortly after. That is when hockey had a new purpose in her life. It was not just about keeping her active - hockey pulled her through some tough times as she never missed a Sunday night playing the game. The hockey community reached out to her and Michelle states, “The women in this league are the most supportive, loving girls I have ever met”.

Michelle believes that, “Hockey has completely changed [her] life”.

Let hockey make an impact in your life, too. It's never too late to start playing this amazing game.