When finally given the opportunity to play hockey in her 30's, Shauna Hardy-Garchinski took full advantage. “I have enjoyed hockey since I was a child but never had the opportunity to play growing up until I was in my 20's and started playing ball hockey”, says Hardy-Garchinski. Later on in her 30's, Shauna took the ice for the first time. After three years of playing out and occasionally in net as backup goalie, she found her niche in the crease.

There was always a shortage of goaltenders and you need a goalie to play the game, so Shauna thought it would be perfect for her at 37 years of age so she can get lots of ice time. Even though she plays the entire game, getting maximum amount of time on the ice, Shauna just can’t get enough. She also plays ringette and ball hockey. Hardy-Garchinski proves her passion for hockey at a young 40 years old, stating, “I enjoy every minute of playing in net and it never gets old to hear a “good job goalie”.

Shauna plans to continue playing hockey for as long as her body allows her to. Her love for goaltender will continue to keep her in a position on a team as she states, “Most leagues have a shortage of goalies so there is never a shortage of ice time”.

It truly is never too late start playing hockey!