Every hockey player dreads the day they have to buy new hockey equipment. You would think that new hockey equipment is like a new outfit you can’t wait to wear. That is unfortunately not the case. Unless you are trying out a new hockey stick, breaking-in hockey equipment can be dreadful. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to put you at ease when breaking in your new gear. 

  • If even the thought of putting your feet into your brand new set of skates gives you blisters try this - get them heat molded to your foot. Get your skates baked in the skate oven at your local hockey store. For the ladies, just like you would break-in your high heels wearing them around the house before a night out, hockey skates are the same, except make sure you have skate guards on if you do. Also using your old insoles in your new skates can make the transition easier on your feet.
  • It may be tempting to just “try” out your new equipment for warmup in practice or a game and then changing back to the old gear, however that will take ages to break in your new equipment. Force yourself to wear your new equipment the entire ice time, stick it out, after a couple of sessions you will get used to it and not even notice anymore.
  • Sweat in it. The only way your new equipment will get broken-in is if you leave your mark on it. Sweating in it will help the equipment take shape to your body.
  • If your gloves feel stiffer than a board put a little water in the palm of your gloves before you use them. This will loosen them up a bit.
  • No better way to break-in new equipment than actually wearing it. You may feel silly but try wearing your gear around the house to get used to it.

Next time you have to get new equipment, get excited about it. With these little tricks you won’t even notice you have new equipment on as you are flying around the ice.