Grant Caswell is the league convener of the South Calgary Recreational Hockey League and has been a CARHA Hockey member since 2006. Caswell has been playing hockey for nearly his entire life. He lined up at the face-off dot for the first time when he was eight years old. He continued to play minor hockey until he was 13 and then just took his game to the pond. When the SCRHL convener went to university he began to play intramural hockey on a team again and got his start in recreational hockey. He has yet to look back.

Being league convener gives Caswell the freedom to play on multiple teams, as he now regularly contributes to the Blues, Core, Broncos, and Team Black. One of the best parts of hockey is being a part of a team which is why Caswell feels, “The comradery is the best, followed by exercise!” Caswell plays a vital role in adult recreational hockey in Southern Calgary and he will continue to be a part of the adult recreational hockey community in the future.

He states, “The people on your team will determine your enjoyment. If they are a good group of guys with humor, constructive feedback, and willing to hang out for a beverage after some games, then that is the best fit, in my experience. I’ve played on several teams over the years and the ones where there’s laughter in the dressing room with minimal negativity are the best teams”. So when it comes to deciding what team you will make your start in recreational hockey ensure you join a team that simply enjoys the game.