We recently posted a feature on Jayna Hefford, Commissioner of the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL). It's only fitting that we also post about Dani Rylan, the Commissioner of the other professional women's hockey league in North America, the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL).

Especially considering it's these two individuals are that are going to be at the forefront of the potential professional merger in women's hockey.

So who is Dani Rylan?

Allow these questions from an interview with TimeOut to introduce you.

Tell me about your job.

I’m commissioner of the first paid professional women’s hockey league in North America. We just finished our inaugural season, and we’re gearing up for year two.

How’d you get into hockey?

I started skating in 1992 with my brothers in Tampa, and I played through college at Northeastern. I coupled my passion for the game with an entrepreneurial spirit.

What’s it like being a woman in a male-dominated sport?

I didn’t see myself as a girl on the ice until I was 12 or 13, when all the boys were noticing that I was a girl too. Now women’s hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in North America.

Are more girls trying hockey now?

Now girls can grow up dreaming of playing for the New York Riveters. Girls’ hockey registration in the USA had its biggest spike since 2011 this year.

Dani's pure entrepreunerial spirit and love for the game of hockey got her to where she is today.

She is a terrific individual to lead the NWHL and also women's hockey towards a potential merger, but also to work towards growing the game each and every day.