Hockey is proof that it's the little things in life, as some of the smallest pleasures of the game can feel the very best.

Here is CARHA Hockey's list of the greatest pleasures in hockey!

  • Scoring a goal. Is there anything better than the puck hitting the twine and the referee signalling a good goal?
  • Buying a new piece of equipment and feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. Look good, feel good, play good as they say!
  • Learning a new skill, whether it's in practice, on the outdoor rink, or in your backyard, and pulling it off perfectly in a game
  • Battling for the puck with a guy twice your size. And winning!
  • When you first step out onto a fresh sheet of ice and feel the chill in the air and the cold when you breathe
  • The sheer speed that you can skate at, and how much faster it is than any sport that involves basic running instead
  • Showing up to the outdoor rink on a calm winter evening and seeing that the ice is in perfect condition, the rink isn't over-crowded, and a shovel has been recently done
  • Watching your National Hockey League team on the edge of your seat as they compete in an important overtime game, and the feeling of relief and elation as soon as they win

Hockey is full of simple pleasures, and that's the beauty of the game.

Take a moment to appreciate these things and enjoy the ride!