It's that time of year again.

It's the middle of January, and by now, you can tell whether someone is going to be successful with their New Year's resolution or not.

Every year there's a wave of new arrivals at all of the local gyms, but by the end of January, it's returned to normality, where it's occupied almost exclusively by people that were also there in December.

Exercising more and getting in better shape is perhaps the most common resolution there is, but also the most difficult to achieve.

That's why we made the PUCKFIT program - it's a free online, at-home fitness program that was designed to improve the health and fitness of our members. In partnership with Capital Strength Training Systems in Ottawa, we have developed a series of exercise videos featuring at-home fitness training, mobility and yoga. 

Focusing on seven facets of strength, core and mobility, the PUCKFIT program utilizes body weight exercises and incorporates resistance bands and/or light weights.

There's a wide range of videos for people of all ages, so that you can be successful with your resolution this time around.

And so you can stay in shape to play hockey, not play hockey to stay in shape!

Check it out now!