Growth has been steady, positive, and uplifting in the world of women's hockey.

Hashtags on social media, the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) joining the movement, players standing up for their rights. Progress has been great so far but there's just one problem.

All of the attention of this movement has largely been on the players at the professional level, which is definitely important, but other women deserve support too.

Hockey doesn't just need equality for professional players, but also for executives, coaches, training staff, broadcast teams, and more. Every single aspect of this game needs to be represented by the passionate, intelligent and talented females that are just as capable as their male counterparts in order to achieve true gender equality.

You hear a story every now and then of a women being the first of her kind in a specific role, and that's great, but it's 2019. These things should not be shocking anymore or so rare. They should be commonplace across the board.

It's time that women are seen and heard in every part of this country's game.