Hockey is the greatest game on earth.

Sure, we can admit that other sports are great too and have a lot to love.

Football is hard-hitting, intense, and suspenseful.

Baseball is precise, clutch, and athletic.

Basketball is high-flying, team-oriented, and has some of the craziest athletes the world has ever seen.

Soccer is dynamic, accurate, and competitive.

We could go on and on, because every single sport in the world has great traits, and serves a purpose. To entertain, to inspire, to motivate, and to encourage athletes to live their dreams.

But above all, hockey is the greatest game on earth, and here's why.

  • The game is played on ice, instantly separating it from a large percentage of other sports in the world.
  • The sheer speed of the game, and how fast the top players can move on skates.
  • There are 23 players on a team, and every single player plays an important role. The sports isn't as dependent on the top player on the team as basketball or football, because everyone has to do their part.
  • The non-stop action brought on by line changing on the fly, keeping fans on their toes constantly throughout the game
  • Hockey players are warriors, often playing through injuries that would keep other athletes out for long periods of time
  • Hockey players are perhaps the best people off the ice and in their communities
  • The physicality and toughness required to be a professional hockey player, or any hockey player for that matter
  • Fights - in what other sport can you unload on each other for a full minute before anyone stops you?
  • Acrobatic saves, new dekes, and the creativity the game allows for
  • The fans - a rowdy, passionate, and energetic bunch, that's perhaps the best in the world

The list goes on and on, but hockey is for everyone. It's inclusive, fun, passionate, and a spectacle at all levels.

Once you're a hockey fan, you're a hockey fan for life.