The hockey community at large flocks to organized, structured hockey when getting involved in the game, but have you considered shinny hockey as an option?

There are plenty of benefits to shinny or pickup hockey, some of which are:

  • Getting to play with and against friends every week
  • The game is taken as seriously or as not seriously as you want, since it's friends playing each other
  • The ability to pick your own ice time, arena, and day of the week to play
  • You can wear whatever fun jersey you want, rather than the one forced on you
  • Costs associated with joining are usually lower, since you're simply paying for ice
  • Gives you the chance to bring back "sticks in the middle" from your childhood
  • Less chance of injury since the game is typically played at a slower pace

Sure, shinny hockey may not be for everyone. We totally understand the benefits that league organized hockey comes with, but give some thought to shinny hockey, too!

We can even provide you coverage should you ever decide to go that route.

It's all for the love of the game!