As part of our ongoing series of tips from the Ottawa High Performance Centre, we're bringing you tip number three!

This one is provided by Tony Carbonette, an Athletic Therapist and the Owner of the Ottawa High Performance Centre.

Avoid injury

Take the proper precautions and avoid injury as best as possible.  Make sure you take the time to warm up or prepare you body for activity.  Busy lives and schedules may not allow us to warmup like the professionals, however there is some things you can do at the rink to activate your muscles and help prevent injury. 

In the hallway - squats - three sets of 10-12 reps

Walking lunges - three sets of 10-12 lunges

Sprints - 10-20 feet - 50%-75% effort/speed - 6-8 reps

Total time should be roughly five to seven minutes.

Take the extra few minutes to get your body activated.  Don't let a lack of warmup take you away from you favorite sport.