ParticipACTION's 150 Play List is a list of all the activities that define us as Canadians. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of our amazing country, we wanted to encourage you to use the summer to try sports and activities that you maybe hadn't considered in the past. Because after all, there is more to life than hockey!

You guys responded in a big way, doing every activity under the sun! Check out some photos we received during our ParticipACTION contest for some extra inspiration to get active.

We had people running!





Plus many more!

And of course, even though the main message was that there's more to life than hockey, we had a few members who can't stay away from the rink sending us hockey photos!

Thank you to everyone who participated, we loved seeing all of your entries. We are going to decide on a winner soon for the $150 gift card to the sporting store of your choice. Stay active!