“A great work out, a fun community, and an opportunity to play a team sport”, is exactly what Skate Sister offers women in Central Toronto. Liz O’Brien, the founder of Skate Sister, created this all female program for beginner women in their 30's to 50's to get active and have fun doing it. The program runs in the daytime, offering beginner and intermediate level hockey and cardio power skating classes. They always make sure to fit in a good scrimmage at the end as O’Brien states, “it turns out moms, just like kids, prefer playing games to practice!”

Just like many of the other Skate Sister players, O’Brien was a beginner. Six years ago she was convinced by a friend to take up hockey. After nearly 20 years and four kids later, she began playing a team sport again. O’Brien couldn’t get enough of it, claiming, “I loved it so much that I decided to organize a daytime ice, instruction and exhibition game for a group of friends and neighbors at our local arena”. From there Skate Sister took off. Many women heard about it through word of mouth and wanted to join, so she had the idea to launch Skate Sister.

In Skate Sister’s first season last year, O’Brien hoped to fill 4 teams of 8 players, however, they ended up with 8 full teams of 10 players. The interest was so strong and people loved it so much in the fall that the word spread quickly. O’Brien states, “Our Skate Sister culture of friendly, collegial hockey with emphasis on fun, community and a safe place to play really resonates with women in Toronto.”

O’Brien has had very positive feedback about the program. She says, “Players will often come to me after their game and tell me that it’s by far their favourite hour of their week”. So if you’re a woman in Central Toronto looking for alternative exercise to Pilates or running, check out Skate Sister this season!

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