As part of our ongoing series of tips from the Ottawa High Performance Centre, we're bringing you tip number seven!

This one is provided by Tony Carbonette, an Athletic Therapist and the Owner of the Ottawa High Performance Centre.

Groin pulls and strains can be very disabling to a hockey player. Even more frustrating can be chronic groin tightness and pain. Groin issues can reduce your stride length, affect your power and the speed by which you move your legs. 

Take care of those groins (adductors); make sure you have a comprehensive stretching program addressing your quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes and adductors. 

Any sign of groin issues, get looked at and assessed immediately. And if you are experiencing chronic issues, get a professional therapist to look at your flexibility, muscle imbalances and mechanics. 

Don't get shut down by your groins.