If you're going to walk the walk in hockey, you better be able to talk the talk.

An entirely new dictionary seems to have been inplemented into the sport in the past decade, and if you want to blend in with the younger lads in the dressing room, you'll first have to understand their language.

For example, a "duster" is a player who spends most of the time during a game on the bench collecting dust.

A "pylon" is a player that is "dangled" with ease by the opposing team, or made to look as if they're standing still on the ice with their slow skating, resembling a pylon. Dangle, by the way, is the latest term for "deke".

You'll need to know how to "celly" when you score - this term is used a short version of "celebration" - bring your best or the lads might just "chirp" you. Which, by the way, is a playful jab at a friend or teammate.

They call the puck a "biscuit", a helmet a "bucky", and a powerplay a "peeper". A slapshot is a "clapper" and your teeth are "chicklets".

Just in the time it takes us to write this story, three or four new slang words have probably emerged that we'll all have to work into our vocabulary.

Master the usage of today's slang and you'll have the 25 year-olds doubting that you're double their age because you'll fit in so well.

We hope this helps.