February 2018


Adam Graves and the Smilezone Foundation

Adam Graves is a co-founding member of the Smilezone Foundation and player of 1,152 games in the National Hockey League.

We had the opportunity to discuss Adam's NHL career, his humanitarian efforts, and Smilezone's 24-hour tournaments. Adam had some great answers!

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The Importance of Coverage

Hockey is a sport that we are passionate about, and providing the coverage that we do allows us to contribute to the sport’s growth, enjoyment, and safety. Before your season starts, make sure that you’re informed on what your options are and how we can help your group.

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Pat Curran Memorial Tournament

This is your LAST chance to register for the Pat Curran Memorial 3-on-3 Tournament - an action-packed day of hockey that sees your team playing five guaranteed games at the University of Ottawa!

Contact Lucy for more information or to register NOW!

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Adam Graves

The Importance of Coverage

Pat Curran Memorial Tournament


Keener Jerseys

Royal Oak

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Royal Oak Nachos 

Ottawa | Whitby

Bring your team to any of the Royal Oak locations after your next game to recieve FREE NACHOS with your Loyalty Card.

Registration for the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond is more than 60% full. Contact Lucy Peeling for more information, or visit the World Cup website to register today!

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