The Need for More Female Coaches

Women are getting more and more involved in sports these days. Women are playing sports, they are managing sports teams and players, and they're also coaching sports.

With the rise in women’s hockey and the growth of the female game, you often see at least one female coach on the coaching staff of women’s hockey teams at the professional or collegiate level. However, it is not as common to see women coaching men.

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37 Years Young

When finally given the opportunity to play hockey in her 30's, Shauna Hardy-Garchinski took full advantage. “I have enjoyed hockey since I was a child but never had the opportunity to play growing up until I was in my 20's and started playing ball hockey”, says Hardy-Garchinski.

Later on in her 30's, Shauna took the ice for the first time.

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Why Yoga is Beneficial to Hockey Players

Hockey players have to do it all when it comes to training. They do strength training to become stronger for battling. They do high interval conditioning because they work in high intervals on the ice, and they work on their agility as their movements are to be unpredictable. These different kinds of training really put strain on the body, and are why stretching is a key component in a hockey player’s warm-up and cool down exercises.

But what about rest and recovery? Just like hockey requires it all, yoga can do it all when it comes to a hockey player’s mental and physical recovery.

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July 2018

Table of Contents

The Need for Female Coaches

37 Years Young

Why Yoga is Beneficial

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