April 2019


A Sport Like No Other!

Hockey is a sport like no other.

The speed at which hockey is played, the surface that it's played on, and the equipment needed for hockey already differentiates the game from many others. But hockey goes beyond that.

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Calgary 55+ and Their Passion for Helping!

Alan Barrett is the Commissioner of the Calgary 55+ Hockey Association and has a fantastic outlook on the game of hockey.

He is passionate about giving back to the community and helping any way they can, and this outlook is consistently shown through the Calgary 55+ Hockey Association.

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Over the past few weeks, we've asked you to share your stories of how your teams, leagues and tournaments contribute to charity and give back to the community, so we can show you that #CARHACares.

The response from all of you has been incredible.

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Hockey Pool Champion!

The 2018-19 National Hockey League (NHL) season has now concluded, and that means it's time to crown our champion for the CARHA Hockey fantasy hockey pool.

Let's congratulate our winners!

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Sport Like No Other

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