June 2019


Best Alternative Sports for Hockey Players

Are you looking for a way to shay in shape in the offseason and become a better athlete, leading to better on-ice performance?

Here is a list of sports that can supplement your athletic needs!

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The NHL's Impending Lockout

The time is coming for the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) to open up a new Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA).

NHL fans could very well feel the wrath of a CBA termination come the 2020-21 season, resulting in an infamous lockout.

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Using Hockey to Stay in Shape!

With the winter hockey season coming to an end, this could be a great time to start gearing up for next season.

Hockey is 10 times more fun when you feel good on the ice. So instead of using hockey to get in shape, simply use it to stay in shape and ensure that you feel you are physically ready before you hit the ice.

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Best Alternative Sports

Impending Lockout

Staying in Shape


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