July 2019


Tips for Purchasing and Breaking in New Equipment

Are you dreading getting new equipment? Well getting new equipment does not have to mean breaking the bank or getting endless blisters. Equipment can actually be affordable and with the proper technique, can be a painless transition.

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Why Do You Play?

To some, hockey is the backbone of their existence, to others it is all about having fun, and for most it is somewhere in the middle.

Next time you step on the ice, ask yourself, why do you play?

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Play Ball Hockey!

CARHA Hockey often encourages members to play other sports or take part in other activities in the summer, to get a break from hockey, to work on different mucles or abilities, or simply to have variety in your life.

But for some people, that's not enough, and we totally understand.

That's where ball hockey comes into play!

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Sleeman's Hockey League's Charitable Efforts!

This CARHA Hockey league in Quebec does fantastic work for charity every year.

We had the opportunity to speak with Joe from the Sleeman's Hockey League to discuss the work they do, why they do it, and what they were able to contribute this past season!

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Tips for New Equipment

Why Do You Play?

Ball Hockey

 Sleeman's Hockey League

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Upcoming Tournaments

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