August 2019


Top 10 Best Feelings in Hockey!

Hockey is a game filled with incredible feelings. It's what keeps us going and makes us so excited to take the ice. It's also what keeps people playing the game for life, because we just can't quit this great sport.

Here is CARHA Hockey's list of the top 10 best feelings in hockey!

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Coors Light Promotion is BACK!

CARHA Hockey is happy to announce the return of our Coors Light promotion for residents of Ontario. Come September, you'll have the chance to turn your Coors Light and Molson product purchase receipts into prizes once again. 

Start saving your receipts now so you can get a head start. Stay tuned for more details!

*Prizing may not be as shown.

Share Your Passion With Your Kids!

One of the greatest things about the game of hockey is the opportunity to share your passion with your kids.

Think about all that you got to experience in hockey as you grew up in the game - Saturday nights watching Hockey Night in Canada, early morning practices, playing with your friends on the outdoor rink, taking shots on an empty net in the driveway until the sun went down. So many great memories that you won't soon forget.

Having kids is an opportunity to share these experiences with them, too!

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Team Bonding!

The comradery and team bonding involved in the game of hockey are what make the sport so special.

Team bonding happens in all phases of the game, whether it's on the ice, at the bar, after a big goal, or after a huge win. But the majority of the bonding happens all in one place - the dressing room.

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Top 10 Feelings in Hockey

Coors Light is Back!

Share Your Passion!

 Team Bonding

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