October 2019


Stick Together!

Stick together with your teammates as long as you possibly can; it'll make the game of hockey more fun!

Sticking together means developing closer bonds as time goes on, turning teammates into friends that'll be a part of your life outside of the rink, too.

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Enter a Tournament This Season!

Enter a tournament with your team this hockey season!

Tournaments are a great opportunity to play against new competition, or to play at a new venue, or simply a way to spend a weekend with your friends and teammates, bonding at the rink and in the bar.

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Hockey is Just For Fun!

The beginning of the hockey season is always a good time for a reminder, that at the end of the day, this game is almost always just for fun.

Unless you're playing at basically the very highest level that this game has to offer, making a living by stepping on the ice, hockey is simply meant to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.

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How to Clean SummerSkates!

CARHA Hockey recently partnered with SummerSkates!

SummerSkates are customizable, high performance sports sandals with many comfort and performance features. Check out our guide on how easy they are to clean, and shop SummerSkates in our store now!

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Stick Together

Enter a Tournament

Hockey is Just For Fun

 Cleaning SummerSkates

Weekend Hockey Tournaments


Royal Oak

Ottawa League

Weekend Hockey Tournaments 

Keener Jerseys 

Upcoming Tournaments 

Clearwater Hockey Tournament - Clearwater, BC

Hometown Classic - Ottawa, ON

Royal Oak Nachos 

Ottawa | Whitby

Bring your team to any of the Royal Oak locations after your next game to receive FREE NACHOS with your Loyalty Card.

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