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For the last several months, CARHA Hockey has been working hard to develop a website that is user friendly, easy to navigate, and looks good too. We strongly believe that what we have come up with is great for our users.

Our women's hockey website has merged with our main website to create an experience where everything that you need is one place. Rather than clicking back and forth between separate websites, you just have to navigate between tabs.

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Ottawa Travellers Add Women's Divisions

For the first time ever, the Ottawa Travellers Hockey League is looking to feature women's for during the summer 2017 season. The league has been enjoying success with their male divisions and is seeing constant growth, so with the increasing success of women's hockey, it made sense to expand.

Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with the Ottawa Travellers women's divisions. Weekly prizes, an excellent venue to play at in downtown Ottawa, great options for post-game dinner and drinks in the area, and the opportunity to say you're a part of one of the largest adult hockey leagues in North America!

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Robotics Engineer by Day, Women's Hockey Star by Night

To paint a picture of what women in professional hockey go through - Ashley Johnston makes $13,000 a year as one of the best players in the NWHL; she has driven 15,000 miles since November for her alternate job as a robotics engineer where she makes six figures.

The minimum salary in the NHL is $575,000. 

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February 2017

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