Lindsay the Intern has returned to CARHA Hockey from her season at Syracuse University, and what a season it was.

Lindsay tells us all about her team's incredible journey, and the power of never giving up below!

10-21-3 - this was the Syracuse University Women’s Hockey team’s record heading into playoffs. Needless to say, this is a rather discouraging record when you are trying to take a run at the conference title. Some may argue that we had a hard schedule, playing seven of the top 10 teams in the country. Regardless, we made our bed and had to live with it in order to try and turn our season around.

4-14-1- this was the Syracuse University’s Women’s Hockey team heading into the second half of the season. Luckily Coach Paul Flanagan scheduled a tournament up north in Montreal over Christmas break. We walked away with a sweep of the tournament and some confidence. We went on to win six more games in the final stretch. Our play on the ice may not have been consistent but our comradery was. We stuck together throughout the entire season. When the going got tough, the tough kept going and we leaned on one another for support. This very well could have been the closest team I have ever been a part of.

As we headed into playoffs, we used our tight knit culture and began to play for each other. As captains, we really harped on how playoff hockey is a new season. We decided to leave our record behind us and ride on this new season hype and did it ever benefit us.

We took down Lindenwood 4-1, a team that we did not have trouble with all season, in the quarter final of the College Hockey America Championships. In the semi-final we battled it out with Mercyhurst taking them down 4-3. I recorded my first ever hat trick that game. This game truly felt like the final. Which brings us to the final, where we handily defeated Robert Morris 6-2, who had swept us the previous weekend. We became CHA champions for the first time in program history!

Our journey did not end there. Each team that wins their conference in the Division I women’s NCAA hockey gets an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament final eight. The Syracuse Women’s hockey team made history winning the conference title for the first time and making our first ever appearance in the NCAA tournament vs. the Wisconsin Badgers where we fell 4-0.

Despite our record we proved the entire NCAA wrong. We were third seed in our conference and became CHA champions. Furthermore, we had the worst record to ever make the NCAA tournament, yet we still landed a spot and gave Wisconsin University a good fight all because we stuck together and did not give up on the season.