With all of the uproar in women’s hockey these days, it is almost impossible to keep quiet.

Support is pouring out on social media and all over the internet. Professional male hockey league owners, coaches, and players are behind the women and their movement for justice for their efforts.

There are female athletes such as Billie Jean King who have been in their shoes before backing up the ladies online. Then of course there are your everyday female hockey supporters joining the conversation in aiding professional women’s hockey.

The verbal support is amazing, however, the support should not end there.

So here is how you can extend your hand even further in supporting women’s hockey.

Attend Games - attending games is a great way to show that you support the team and it gets you involved in the action. The women need you in the stands cheering them on.

Buy Merchandise - Buying merchandise contributes to their revenue as well and is a great way to advertise the teams and leagues.

Support the players - You can support the players by wearing their jersey/number or simply following them on social media and promoting their presence.

Participate in events - When there are events held for women’s hockey, attend them and get involved. There are events always going on such as camps, skating with the athletes, and promotions.

Volunteering - Women’s hockey is always looking for volunteers. Volunteering at games or tournaments is extremely helpful, especially due to their low budgets.

Partner or sponsor the team - If you have the financial means or your company does, sponsor a team. Sponsoring a team can help the growth of their program which can essentially grow the female game.

Your support is crucial to women’s hockey development as you are supporting the pursuit of excellence.

Though you can also benefit from your own support. When you lift women’s hockey you become a part of their journey. You may even receive a return on your investment, whether that be monetary from being a sponsor or emotionally because you were a part of their growth and success.

Women’s hockey can’t do it without you!