Stepping away from the rink every once in a while is crucial for developing other aspects of your athleticism, using muscles and joints that hockey might not utilize, and staying in shape so that when you get stuck on the ice for a long shift, it's no big deal.

Are you looking for a way to stay in shape in the offseason and become a better athlete, leading to better on-ice performance?

Here is a list of sports that can supplement your athletic needs!

Tennis: Tennis works on quick feet and agility as well as your hand eye coordination. Not to mention it is played under the sun and can give you a good sweat.

Baseball: Another great sport to work on your hand-eye. It is also a fun, team-oriented, summer time classic.

Lacrosse: The fastest game on two feet can help keep up your cardio, quick feet, and keep the brain working as it is systematically comparable to hockey.

Swimming: Swimming is a great full body workout. It gives your body a break as it is easy on your joints.

Basketball: Another great team-oriented sport. It will help you keep your endurance up as well as help you practice your fakes for the ice.

Track and Field: Track and Field can vary from helping your anaerobic, aerobic, or strength training, to your balance; just pick your poison and it can help you.

Cycling: Hockey is powered by your legs and so is cycling. Cycling could help build muscle in your legs as well as condition them for the ice cardio wise.

Yoga: Take the time in the off-season to take care of your body with some yoga. Hockey players are notorious for tight lower backs and hips, so get mobile in the summer with the help of yoga.

Martial Arts: Martial Arts is a great way to work on both lower and upper body strength. It also will improve your balance drastically. Martial Arts is not recommended for the purpose of practicing your fighting technique.

Any other team sport: There is nothing like being around like minded people while keeping active!