With the winter hockey season coming to an end, this could be a great time to start gearing up for next season.

Were you huffing and puffing on the ice or wishing you had an extra line on the bench? If this was you, working on your game off the ice may be beneficial. Working on your game off the ice isn’t limited to shooting 100 pucks a day or stickhandling, it also means working on your fitness.

Hockey is 10 times more fun when you feel good on the ice. So instead of using hockey to get in shape, simply use it to stay in shape and ensure that you feel you are physically ready before you hit the ice.

Now, there are always the horror stories of people having heart attacks while playing hockey. This stems from people overdoing it on the ice and not being in game ready shape before they hit the ice. Getting in shape before taking the ice can help prevent any injuries. As we all get older taking care of our body needs to become a priority, especially if we are playing sports.

Hockey is not your average sport. It consists of unnatural movements which make mobility essential. It also demands exceptional balance as you skate on a 1mm wide blade. Could you imagine not having either of these features and taking the ice? That is a recipe for an injury, not to mention the high intervals you must compete at can knock you and your stamina right on your butt.

Try out CARHA Hockey’s PuckFit program to get to you ready for the season. It can all be done in the comfort of your own home, free of charge!