At CARHA Hockey, we promote a healthy lifestyle both on and off the ice.

On Saturday, June 8th, 16 of our members and friends took part in a PuckFit session with ParticipACTION at Capital Strength Training Systems in Ottawa.

Three certified trainers from Capital Strength led them through a PuckFit workout. The session began with a dynamic warm-up to get their bodies ready to be put to work. With a 3:4 trainer to athlete ratio, they split off into three groups and worked their way through each station with designated four exercises. Each group had eight minutes to get through their four exercises as many times as possible. Once each group made their way through each station, they wrapped up with a proper cool down, to prevent lactic acid build up and future muscle soreness.

The exercises our members were put through on Saturday are all things you can do in the comfort of your own home, no gym necessary. A fitness resistance band, an exercise ball, and an open space are the only ingredients you may need for a quality workout.  

PuckFit is designed to promote health and fitness for our CARHA Hockey members. Our members were introduced to the fundamentals of how to get in shape to play hockey. Saturday’s session proves that it only takes an hour out of your day to get some exercise and take care of your body. Coach Nick Haince from CSTS said it right, that you need strength in all aspects of life, even for getting up out of your chair at your desk.

Overall, it was a great morning of fun and fitness. Our members not only took home some new fitness tips but also a bag full of swag. For more information about PuckFit, click here!