CARHA Hockey often encourages members to play other sports or take part in other activities in the summer, to get a break from hockey, to work on different mucles or abilities, or simply to have variety in your life.

But for some people, that's not enough, and we totally understand.

Hockey is a lifestyle to a lot of people in Canada, and playing the game all year round can be essential to a happy life for some.

So what about those that welcome variety in their life, but also refuse to go a week without hockey?

Well that's what ball hockey can be for.

It's an opportunity to hang up the skates for a while, and get back on your feet. To potentially get outdoors and enjoy the weather while partaking in Canada's game. To meet a new group of people that share the same hobby as you.

Ball hockey is a fantastic workout and a great way to pass the time in the summer until you're back in the cold rink once again in the winter where you belong.

Try it out this summer!