Are you dreading getting new equipment? Well getting new equipment does not have to mean breaking the bank or getting endless blisters. Equipment can actually be affordable and with the proper technique can be a painless transition.

Here's how!

Buy used gear: Buying previously enjoyed equipment can cut the cost by tremendous amounts. Used equipment also means that the previous owner broke it in and softened it up for you.

Support your local hockey store: Supporting your local hockey store can come with perks. After a couple of trips you can become familiar with the staff and they will know just what you need and like. Who knows, maybe they will even throw in the friends and family discount or give you some rewards.

Pro team equipment sale: If you have a professional team in your city, check out their annual equipment sale. You can get pro stock gear for considerably less than in store.

No need for top of the line: Top of the line equipment isn’t always what you need. There is no shame in getting the next best piece of equipment. Save yourself a few bucks and buy the cheaper brand or model. At the end of the day it is not the equipment that scores the goals, it is the player!

New skates, No problem: When breaking in new skates, be sure to ask about getting them heat molded before you even leave the store. The heat can help loosen them up, so throw them on, tie them tight, and hang out in them as they take the shape of your foot. This will make breaking them in easier on your feet.

Live and breathe your new gear: When you’re trying to break in your new gear, wear it around the house, sleep in it, and go to work in it. Or maybe don’t go to work in it. The more you wear your gear the more you will get used to it.

Pour a little water on it: If your new gear feels stiff, especially a new pair of hockey gloves, pour a little water on them to loosen it up a bit. Water can help stretch out the material, particularly leather palms.

Sweat, Sweat, Sweat: Lastly, get a good sweat in your new gear. Sweating in your gear is the best way for it to break in.

These tips can help you stay sharp on the ice with your new gear.

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