The comradery and team bonding involved in the game of hockey are what makes the sport so special.

Team bonding happens in all phases of the game, whether it's on the ice, at the bar, after a big goal, or after a huge win. But the majority of the bonding happens all in one place - the dressing room.

The dressing room is where teammates become lifelong friends, and where no topic is off limits. Some players even look forward to the pre-game and post-game chatter even more than the actual game, because it's a chance to escape from their everyday lives for a couple of hours every week. To talk to a group of people that are in the same place as you are, and can take a load and just laugh.

In the latest issue of our Ice Chips e-letter, we included our story "Why Do You Play?", and received the following perfect response from member Kevin Daly:

"I have had the privilege of playing hockey for 60 years. The main reasons I play are the competitive edge, which yes has decreased over the years, the game keeping me in shape, but lastly, and most importantly, the dressing room. What goes on in the room is irreplaceable and in a lot of cases extremely confidential. The comradery, the constant verbal jabs, the jokes and laughter have made it all worth it. If I have to retire from the game after 60 years, it has been a blast."

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves, Kevin. It's what keeps many coming back to the game, because at a certain point, the game is more about the friendships than the actual sport.