In a sport that is so centered around growth, momentum, change, and the continuing battle for gender equality, you need role models to lead the way.

The leaders in the movement are the ones who have the voice and the power to step forward and say that things are not okay, and that changes must be made.

The United States Women's National Team, for example, threatened to boycott the Winter Olympics in 2018 if they didn't receive a certain level of treatment. This led to massive changes for female hockey players, and they are now great role models for girls of the next generation.

This type of behaviour tells young girls (and boys, too) that you don't have to settle for the way things are. That you're allowed to step forward, voice your opinion, and fight for what you think is right.

We're lucky to have so many amazing role models and leaders in the world of women's hockey being champions of change, some of which are:

  • Cassie Campbell-Pascal
  • Hayley Wickenheiser
  • Jayna Hefford
  • Hilary Knight
  • Nathalie Spooner
  • Marie-Philip Poulin
  • Tessa Bonhomme
  • Manon Rheaume

These are just some of the women who are showing the next generation what it means to be a female leader. They're the ones that young girls are going to model themselves after, which is going to lead to constant growth generation after generation.

And we're happy to have them.