We had the chance to interview a participating team from last year's Hometown Classic tournament and ask them all about their experience.

We're hoping to see the Predators at the Hometown Classic again this year, as well as you and your team. Contact James Daly (JDaly@CARHAHockey.ca) for more information!

Tell us about your team – What is your team name? Where do you play out of? 

I think we were the "Predators". I usually grab a bunch of friends and name our team something different every time. We always have different players. Whoever can make it that weekend. We don't have a set team. I like to mix it up. It makes it more fun and that way everyone gets a chance to play!

What do you remember about the first ever Hometown Classic in Ottawa last year? 

We had a lot of fun, we travelled in and the whole team stayed in Ottawa for the weekend, where we met a lot of fun people!

What was your favourite part about the weekend at the Minto Skating Centre last November?

We got a big credit at the bar inside the Minto Skating Centre, Blades I believe, so we hung out and watched some of the other teams from there and had a good time!

What is it about hockey tournaments that interests you and your team?

You get to hang out with your friends and play against different teams and different players. I organize a lot of things. Different tournament teams, a league in Cambridge and I run alot of skills clinics and shinny for adults.  My website is here!