Enter a tournament with your team this hockey season!

Tournaments are a great opportunity to play against new competition, or to play at a new venue, or simply a way to spend a weekend with your friends and teammates, bonding at the rink and in the bar.

For the average price of a hockey tournament lately, it's hard not to justify the investment. Yes, hockey is already a very expensive sport without also paying for tournaments on top of the price of equipment and registration, however, compare it to the price you would pay for other weekend activities.

You could easily spend more money going to the movies or drinking with friends on a weekend, or at the local hill skiing or snowboarding. A hockey tournament typically gets you several guaranteed games spread out across the weekend, with the potential for more if you're playing well and usually concludes with prizing!

Take a look at our Tournament Finder to find tournaments for you and your team in your area, and try it out this hockey season.

We don't think you'll regret it.