Stick together with your teammates as long as you possibly can; it'll make the game of hockey more fun!

Yes it is nice to meet new people every now and then, but you can do that at the rink anyway while also maintaining a similar roster of teammates and friends over the years.

Sticking together means developing closer bonds and friendships as time goes on, turning teammates into friends that'll be a part of your life outside of the rink, too.

Games become more fun and jokes become funnier as you get to the know the teammates you're around and your teammates' tendencies.

You'll learn the way each other play the game and how to feed off each other to put the back in the back of the net.

You'll look forward to the time in the dressing room to catch up on each other's lives as you develop an interest in things beyond hockey, too.

It simply makes for a better experience overall. We hear of stories of teams that have played together for 40+ years and those teams always seem to be the happiest.