There seems to be a lot of skeptical hockey players that are unsure of the value they're getting out of the price of a hockey tournament.

We at CARHA Hockey are believers in tournaments being the most fun part of the hockey calendar - that if you're willing to pay the typically reasonable price to participate, you'll always be pleased with your decision.

Tournaments are all of the feelings and emotions that players typically get from hockey but totally amplified.

It's the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat but much more meaningful, as every goal and every game can have huge implications on the way the tournament plays out.

It's the comradery of the game extended over the course of a weekend - enjoying post-game drinks and meals together, staying in a hotel together, experiencing the city you're in when you aren't on the ice. These are the moments where friends become family.

Hockey tournaments are an opportunity to make lifelong memories. Score the overtime winner to be able to lift that trophy and tell me that the entry fee you paid wasn't worth it.