By this point in the isolation period of the COVID-19 outbreak, you're probably beyond bored and running out of things to do to keep yourself occupied in a hurry. Just as we all are.

But what better way to pass the time than a marathon of the best hockey movies of all time, taking us back to a simpler time, when we were on our way towards the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs?

The CARHA Hockey team has compiled a list of our favourite hockey movies of all time, to give you some ideas of what to watch to pass the time!

  • Miracle
  • The Mighty Ducks, D2, and D3
  • The Rocket
  • Goon
  • Slap Shot, Slap Shot 2, and Slap Shot 3
  • Youngblood
  • Red Army
  • Sudden Death
  • Happy Gilmore (technically a golf movie, but with a great hockey scene, and a great movie)

There you have it - have a hockey movie marathon and pass a day or two during this scary and chaotic time in the world.

Did we miss your favourite? Let us know on Twitter!