Being in isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak can be a real challenge. With so much time to occupy in a day, so little to do, and nowhere to go, a lot of people are finding themselves perusing the cupboards simply as a way to pass the time.

But we can't lose track of our goals during isolation; we have to come out of this looking good because hockey is going to pick back up soon and we must be ready!

We thought we'd bring back some nutrition tips for hockey players that we've written in the past as a reminder of a good diet during this time!

As a hockey player, it's important to eat lots of good carbohydrates. This includes vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, milk and legumes (peas, beans and lentils). Legumes are also a source of protein, which leads us to our next piece of advice.

Consume a lot, but not too much protein! Protein helps build and repair tissues and maintain a strong immune system.

It's also smart to eat a lot of healthy fats, such as peanuts and peanut butter, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, soy nuts, and fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, char and trout. 

Last but not least - fluids! Drink lots and lots of water, as it's necessary to support all of your bodily functions. Even when you've thought you've drank enough or more than enough, drink more!

Combine all of these tips into a diet that has three balanced meals a day with three to four healthy snacks, and you'll be looking good!

Luckily for all of us right now, a good diet is the best way to live a healthy life, even more important than physical activity.

Maybe you'll even come out of this down a few pounds if you stick to these tips!