At this point in the isolation as a result of COVID-19, we're sure that we're all in a pretty similar place. We're sick of our surroundings and the same four walls, ready for some fresh air and a change of scenery, and starting to go a little crazy at times.

Well unfortunately we don't know how much longer this is going to go on for, but we have to prepare for the very worst, and continue to find ways to combat the sadness so that we continue to be the best versions of ourselves during isolation.

The CARHA Hockey team has put together some tips for you on working from home, as this is a large chunk of everyone's day so we may as well optimize!

  • Routine - Find a daily routine that works for you, and stick with it. You'll find the days go by much faster and you'll breeze through the weeks once you're adjusted.
  • Have a set work space - Find somewhere in your house or apartment that you can dedicate only to working, so that once you sit down in the morning, you start work, and once you leave your desk in the evening, you know you're done for the day.
  • Take breaks - Be sure to take regular breaks throughout the day, whether it's to take a walk, go hiking, have a snack, or even just lay on the couch. We all need time to digest what's happening and clear our heads, and that's okay!
  • Clean - Both yourself, and your surroundings. Shower in the morning and put on something that you could have worn to the office for familiarity, and be sure that your work space is clean and ready to go!
  • Separate work life and personal life - This ensures that you know that your work hours are dedicated to work, and your personal hours are dedicated to Netflix, sleeping, or whatever it may be, and that they aren't interconnected.
  • Connect with co-workers - Keep connected with your co-workers through all of this, we bet you miss their faces after so much time apart. Schedule regular video chats for meetings or even just to chat. The CARHA Hockey and iPlayHockey teams have been doing daily trivia every single day of isolation on video conference just to keep things light and fun, and to give us all something to look forward to every day!

Follow these tips and you'll be living the best work-from-home life in isolation possible, and we bet you'll see your mood drastically increase!

We'll all get through this together!