Although both sides may choose to remain silent at times, it's clear that there's an ongoing battle in the world of women's hockey between the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) and the Professional Women's Hockey Player's Association (PWHPA).

The National Women's Hockey League has been operational for several years now, established in 2015, and while they have enjoyed some success, many hockey fans question the legitimacy of the league given the lack of top-level talent.

Where is the top-level talent, you may ask?

Well, stemming from the boycott of professional women's hockey by 200+ players including Hilary Knight and Marie-Philip Poulin, the PWHPA was established to give players a voice, and to work together to establish a just and viable place for women to play professional hockey.

A place where they wouldn't have to have a second job on the side just to be able to support their hockey career. A place that young girls could dream of playing one day, rather than only having the Olympics to look forward to once every four years.

The PWHPA provides a united voice to players advocating for the creation of a sustainable professional league, while also collaborating with like-minded organizations to make hockey more inclusive for women today and for the girls of the next generation.

It's easy to see how the NWHL and the PWHPA could have different ideas of what's best for the game.

While the NWHL is continuing to expand and grow their league, the PWHPA is making strides in different areas but refuses to settle and be a part of any league that doesn't give professional women's hockey players the salary and treatment they deserve.

It's an ongoing battle, and one that might take years to play out. Many women involved in the PWHPA have stated that they have no problem with this being the end of their professional careers so long as they can create a place for the next generation.

And we think that's rather courageous.