The road back to normalcy has been a long one, but we are closer than ever, and the end is in sight.

While we can all be proud of the work that we have done as a country, starting with the Federal Government, trickling through the Provincial Government and right down to the individual level, our work is not done yet, and we must continue to be cautious and follow the recommendations and guidelines put forward.

Sport is beginning to return in waves across the country, including hockey in some areas, so if our country's sport hasn't made a return to your city yet, it's only a matter of time.

The sport may look different for quite some time, as you can see in CARHA Hockey's recommendations for resuming the sport of recreational hockey, but if we all do our part, hockey, and life in general, are set to be back to a full normal in no time. 

We know these last few months have been extremely difficult and challenging for all of us, but in the end, it's only going to bring us all closer together. 

We're closer to the end than we are to the beginning. And that's worth celebrating. We hope you all get the chance to celebrate Canada Day responsibly tomorrow with friends and family!